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The project’s aim

The project’s aim is to generate growth by building an innovational environment which promotes interaction between the public and private sectors, researchers and small businesses and between large and small enterprises in the field of e-service development. The means and methodology for this endeavour are based on a new model for innovative interaction in the form of larger-scale ‘field laboratories’ and the implementation of user-centred system design. Although the geographical starting point for this project is Sandviken and Gävleborg County, the stakeholders and supportive funding will come from the national level.

The project’s overall goal

The project’s overall goal is to build an innovation environment that will generate new e-services and products for the public sector market.

Our goal is to create a user-based and needs-oriented model for public e-services that can benefit the national economy, enhance service efficiency and quality, and generate growth on the back of the commercial development of new products and services. These can then be deployed by the businesses involved in the project, by principal partners/co-financiers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises associated with the project.

Sub goals

The project consists of a number of phases and stages, each with their own sub goals. Each phase and part shares the following common goals:

To develop tested and evaluated e-services and products for each operational area. They can then be introduced in the market for public e-services, both nationally and internationally.

To contribute to the project stakeholders’ know-how and competence, as well as ready-developed e-services and products for each operational area – which will create the conditions for new jobs in our region. 




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