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A strategy has been developed on the basis of the project's goal and aims. An overall project plan based on this strategy has been drawn up. This plan can be used for continuously cross-checking progress against the project’s actual status


The project will develop e-services mainly for learning and care systems. These services will have a high degree of usability and be commercially viable.

There are aspects to commercial viability: firstly, each e-service has such obvious benefits for municipalities that they will be prepared to invest in them. Secondly, businesses are prepared to take over the products and further develop them. Thirdly, there is a gap in the market for a product this high in quality and low in price.

With the product’s in-built usability, municipalities will get more out of their investment.

To guarantee a high level of usability, the project will be incorporating the user-centred system design method which, among other things, means that future users will systematically participate in the development work.

To secure demand for these e-services (commercial viability) an in-depth trends monitoring operation will be performed. This will in its turn result in the development of alternative concepts that will be evaluated by users, purchasers and businesses.


The schedule is roughly as follows:

First half of 2005
Alternative concepts for in-demand and commercially viable e-services mainly for learning and care systems are produced, manifested and evaluated. A selection is made.

Second half of 2005
The interface and functionality of the selected e-services are being developed with the methodology of user-centred system design.
Programming begins.

First half of 2006
Programming and user tests

Second half of 2006
User tests and commercialisation of e-services 


A project management team is appointed.

The parties’ expectations, resources and visions are established.

Partnership agreement is concluded with the parties involved.

Project office is set up at Sandbacka Park, Sandviken.

The project’s communication platform is in place.

Procurements for a basic agreement are completed.

Sub-project managers are appointed.

Although the listing of products, stakeholders and projects in the market is complete, the continuing work is being monitored on an on-going basis.

Alternative e-concepts for learning and health care/care systems have been developed.


A selection of e-concepts have taken shape.


E-concepts are tested and evaluated.




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